Greetings Chicago baseball fans!

The Old Timers are on Facebook, if you’re interested, and still here, but I’ve been posting rare photos and pieces from our archives there. I’ll do my best to cross-post. Any questions, feel free to email me!

Dick Savage, 105, officer and long-time member of the Old Timers has passed away after a prolonged illness. Details will be in the Sunday Chicago Tribune. His wake will be held at Benson’s funeral home on Monday night (3224 W Montrose, Chicago) with his funeral on Tuesday at 10AM at Our Lady of Mercy in Chicago.
Remembered for his uncanny wit and impeccable recall, Dick was a source of sports facts, from the legendary Babe Ruth point controversy through today’s players. He continued to write for his college paper annually until his death. His was a remarkable life.

Dick Savage

Dick Savage

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Angie Pontani of the World Famous Pontani Sisters from a film clip does her burlesque salute to baseball.



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