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From the archives of  the Chicago Daily News, Feb. 27, 1945: The Daily News Baseball schools with Rogers Hornsby, Fred McGuire, Walter Roy of the Chicago Park District, Jack Sheehan of the Cubs farm clubs, John C. Callahan and Billy Niesen.

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Congrats to the new roster at Pitch and Hit. This is a terrific club and I’m happy to be a member (plus, it’s really, really nice to just ATTEND an event instead of working it!). Congrats, officers!


John Dittrich, President

Ken Miller, Vice-President (President Elect)

Terry Ayers, Secretary

Bill Motluck, Treasurer*

Pete Caliendo, Past President


Bill Campbell

Dave Cook*

Jack Gallo

Nelson Gord

Jim Hall

Jeff Halter

Eric Maleski

Justin Stringer *

Bridget Venturi *

Dan Wachowski

*Asterisk indicates new officer or director

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Wayne Messmer’s play DAMIEN continues for 3 more performances:

A one-man play based on the life of St. Damian, whose work among the lepers of Molokai in the 1880’s.


Sat Feb 27

Sat March 27 and

Sat April 17

$20 seating, Winnetka Chapel/Theater 888-736-7552

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Last September officially folded the Old timers as an organization. most of us the reasons: lower membership (yeah that ten bucks a year must’ve been a big hit), the work in planning and organizing raffles, dinners and the big banquet. And it’s not like I haven’t been begging for some solutions, but really, for us, it has been over 30 years. THIRTY years. That’s a long, long time working games, taking tickets and chasing downbeats who stiff us here and there (not many, but a few) while digging through boxes of history, scanning photos, trying to identify images, and yadda yadda.

We’ve provided lots of material for books, articles, a couple of good documentaries and everything in between: that ain’t hay. We’re very proud of all of that, and there’s still more to come.

Consider this a fallow period, a space between time when I can personally reclaim some time to finish some projects, like school. Yeah, school. I began to contemplate the finality of not getting some goals done, and ya know, when you hit, like, 55, you see things really change. The odd part is facing one’s own mortality; if I base my own genetic clock against my father’s, I won’t look too good in 15-20 years. This, oddly enough, is it, the last opportunity to sit in a classroom and reclaim the gray matter that is still here and manageable. In a classroom and surrounded by older people who are finally getting our day, this my A game, and I’m really as happy as I am often frustrated. It is, after one grapples with Ethics, tough to go back to sitting on one’s ass in front of a TV, even a really nice one, and watch bad programming. Life is too short to allow it to bleed away ingesting THE BIGGEST LOSER, although that one’s pretty good.

So, I’m back reading textbooks (much to the chagrin of students who don’t crack a book at all). This in my turn to play and in this rotation, I’m up at bat, ready to play hard. I held a 4.0 at Triton, and now at EIU, I’m hitting just as hard… and happier than ever.

See ya at the ballparks.

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Saturday, February 13th, and SABR had authors, a Kane County Cougar and Daok Ewing… and pizza.

We opened both connecting meeting rooms for the crowd, and you can get a better overview of who you could’ve been hangin’ with on the SABR Facebook page. Many thanks to the OTBACers among the Eisenhower staff, Director Ron Stoch (OTBAC) and Rich and Dave for throwing a GREAT afternoon’s worth of fascinating facts, awesome lore and rare film.

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Cubs Tickets 2010

We’ll have 3 dates: 2 in May and one Senior Day in September. Do I have your info, Old Timer? If not, get me an email asap: mbraun@ameritech.nettt, just remove the last 2 “t”s at the end of .nettt to reach me.

Mark B

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