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Are you, like me, seeing way too mcu sensitivity for men lately on the news?  There was some sissy-punk kid on this morning doing grilling tips, and he didn’t have a Weber or enough testosterone to grill like a true dad would. I saw these high-end flat grills and WOKs on ’em, too. Using garlic powder while making his own sauce. Has a “sauce mop.” Well, woo, woo; a drizzle here, a pinch there. Give the guy a Barbie doll: I’ll assure ya that any guy worth his salt has a Midwesterner’s grill, or better: half an oil drum cut in half and converted into a grill. Chicago guys use Sweet Baby Ray’s and we DRINK the Jim Beam, not add it to the sauce.

Go cut the lawn when it dries out after these killer storms. Pick up a couple of steaks from Costco and grill some veggies. Use real garlic and fresh onions. If there’s a sensitive bone left in your body, wash it down with a Goose Island brew with honey in it. American dad, you are not honored for being sensitive, you are honoed for being a stalwart man, sturdy as an oak tree leader, a guy who can fix stuff and stands tall enough to bend to help a kid.

Happy Fathers Day, gentlemen.

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Some of you in the Old Timers knew Stephanie Leathers, editor of BLEACHER BANTER and a life-long Bleacher Bum. Stephanie succumbed to cancer. She was diagnosed in December, 2009 and still had the trademark moxie that made her great to attend the Cubs’ May 28th game where the Cubs lost as usual.

Stephanie never had anything less than a smile in the time I’d known her. We clowned around at the Cubs Curse event hosted by Brian Bernardoni where our group of fans clustered, laughed and had a great time.

Steph was a resident of Wrigleyville and a delight to be around. Regardless of how the northsiders played, Steph was the insider’s insider of the park and a wonderful gal. A memorial is planned by the family to celebrate her life in August; Keep her in your thoughts.

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Hit your library this July with programming ideas and promotions for Step Up to the Plate @ your library.

July is a big month for baseball with the Home Run Derby (July 12), All-Star Game (July 13) and Induction Day (July 25). Step Up to the Plate makes it easy for libraries to help plan around these events.

Host a “Step Up to the Plate Home Run Derby,” inviting library users of all ages to enter this year’s contest. The first player in each age group to hit a home run (four correct answers) receives a small prize.

Step Up to the Plate @ your library teams up two American classics – baseball and libraries – to promote the importance of information literacy skills and increase awareness of the library as an essential information resource.

Step Up to the Plate centers on a baseball trivia contest. People of all ages will be encouraged to visit their library and answer a series of trivia questions inspired by our national pastime. The questions, developed by the library staff at the Hall of Fame, are based on exhibits at the museum in Cooperstown, N.Y.  Trivia questions are now available to library users on the program’s website.

One grand-prize winner will receive a trip to the Hall of Fame in October 2010.

Librarians who bring in the most entries can win incentives for participation. The library that brings in the most entries will get a $100 bookstore gift certificate. The next three libraries will receive a $50 ALA Graphics gift certificate.

The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum is a Partner in the Campaign for America’s Libraries, ALA’s public awareness campaign that promotes the value of libraries and librarians. Thousands of libraries of all types – across the country and around the globe – use the Campaign’s @ your library® brand. The Campaign is made possible in part by ALA’s Library Champions, corporations and foundations.

Other Partners include Carnegie Corporation of New York, Disney Book Group, Dollar General Foundation, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) Investor Education Foundation, the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA), Univision Radio and Woman’s Day magazine.

Check with your local library: The winner(s) could be YOU!

Mark Braun


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Armando Galarraga, ya got screwed. But you did get the car, which was cool.

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