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Lou Deserved Better

It was a humbling moment for the Manager whose career ended with a crushing loss and a team unwilling to work for it. I’ll cut this short: Certainly, some hitters on the roster didn’t get the memo to screw up. Lou received a standing ovation on Sunday; the skipper left the season as the 15th winningest manager in the majors and went to help with his mother in Florida. We salute him, and hope that Tom Ricketts sweeps the house clean of bullshitters. A couple of seasons of bringing up new talent can transform this nightmare into a dream again; Lou picked up for Dusty and brought us close… twice.

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Oh dear God, this is embarassing. 6 in a row and some of the worst scores conceivable.

Milwaukee slammed the Cubs all over the place; enough to make the most stalwart fan just give up. As Mary said, she doesn’t even want to use the tickets we bought for an upcoming game at home.

I was picking up a sandwich today at e BBQ joint in Park Ridge. The owner has MLB playing in their kitchen; I am mum on being a Northsider; it’s like being a runaway slave while buying food in Mississippi in 1860: keep your hat pulled down and get out of there before they see the Cubs logo on your teeshirt. We’re witnessing an overpaid team that refuses to play with the strength needed to move anywhere, and as ticket sales are now flushed down the crapper, the front office on Addison needs to decide what they’re running, a corporate ballpark that gives away prime spaces to businesses and politicians who have no more respect for the game than Osama bin Laden, or are they serious about winning? Even with Lou there, nothing can dig these mopes out of their century-long lackluster reputation as mutts. We’ve regraded the field and done everything but turn the totem pole (look THAT one up), but it is no use. The late baseball historian Bill O’Neil was rumored to have broken his hip when he slipped and whacked the radiator while enragedly tried to kick the TV screen out over a Cubs loss. The Cubs have directly injured, enraged and probably killed more disgusted fans than any other team in the Major League, with the Yankees a close second. If old Tom Foley could rise from his grave, he’d be beating his cane over the heads of today’s players with a certain loudmouthed bullshitter being thrown to the minors to clean toilets until he gets his ego reduced. Like much of Chicago’s streets and san squads, the Northsiders get paid well as 4 guys stand back to watch 1 guy do the job.

“Desire and passion” are not enough; that’s the stuff one expects to throw at high school players. Skill and mastery are the keys to winning, and one can’t help but wonder if there’s some deal being made for whatever reason that wants the Cubs to throw season after season, like a perennially frigid date who, after too many seasons of not going all the way, ceases to be cute anymore. We’ve been duped into Cubs Charities and Cubs Conventions and paid over-inflated ticket prices when they have a streak going. But this year, there is no streak… unless you include the ridicule of another rotten year.

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