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“He’s my brother, he’s my friend, my very good friend. I love Joe,” said Ted Radcliffe at the old Harrington’s Hall. I oughta know; I shot the picture, which was one of many in my 30+ years in the Old Timers. 

The Negro League legend was all but forgotten and living in his car when Joe Molitor and Mike Royko brought his plight to the attention of the media and MLB. While Royko was credited for helping double duty, it was Joe Molitor who pounded on the door and pulled Royko’s coat.

What was it that Double duty used to say at our meetings and always to cheers and a standing ovation? “I don’t like nothin’ old but whiskey; I don’t like nothin’ wrinkled but money…”

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Ron Santo is dead



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From: SABR Member Richard Smiley. Replies to this message will go to its author. —

Joe Schmitz, who spoke at the October SABR Chicago meeting about his experience winning the Heroes Among Us MLB/People magazine contest to be the White Sox representative at the 2009 All-Star game, is hosting the 28th annual Operation St. Nick auction on Sunday, December 5. The money from the auction is used to buy presents for deserving kids at Christmas and new bikes in the Spring. The auctions have raised just under one million dollars. They expect to go over the million dollar mark in the first hour this year. The majority of the items to be auctioned are sports memorabilia, specifically baseball related. Tune in to WCSJ AM 1550 or FM 103.1 from 8 AM to Noon this Sunday. There are about 15 actual auction items, the other 160 or so can be claimed by the first caller beginning at 8 am, and you would be surprised how fast they go. Below is a link to the auction catalog. For more information, contact Joe at 815-975-4369.


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