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Mary's Monkeys: marysmonkeys.com

Knowing this young lady quite well, I’m hoping that you will drop in on her easy shop at marysmonkeys.com for a look at these marvelous sock monkeys! Kiss sock monkeys, David bowie as a sock monkey, and a lot of Rockford red heel authentic American sock monkeys made from all- USA materials and all from near Rockford , IL home to the All American Girls’ Baseball museum and Rockford sock monkey museum!

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Angie Pontani of the World Famous Pontani Sisters from a film clip does her burlesque salute to baseball.

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Our exclusive deals around the Chicago area, courtesy once again of Heron PR. This month, get $10 off FREUD’S LAST SESSION, a one-act play at the Mercury THeater, AND an outstanding offer from Geja’s as well. HAIRSPRAY opens, SCREWTAPE continues and there’s more. 

Many thanks to Noreen Heron and her staff for extending these to us!

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Tis the Season…

A report from the Lone OldTimer in Arizona says how well-wired the park is for wifi and everything cool. Boxes next to the owner’s box were $45, and he and the gang send laughs at us who try to park anywhere near Wrigley Field (Cell fans have the gray matter to just hop the El to the door).


Have an excellent summer, all.  Catch ya around the ivy!



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Diamondbacks preseason

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