Tis the Season…

A report from the Lone OldTimer in Arizona says how well-wired the park is for wifi and everything cool. Boxes next to the owner’s box were $45, and he and the gang send laughs at us who try to park anywhere near Wrigley Field (Cell fans have the gray matter to just hop the El to the door).


Have an excellent summer, all.  Catch ya around the ivy!



Diamondbacks preseason

Diamondbacks preseason

Cubs Dates for 2012, etc

Our Friday, May 4th day is sold out (of course: the tickets were 5 bucks plus tax); We have a few for Wedn. May 30th and Thurs. Aug 30, so email me asap.

OK, so I missed the Cubs Convention… and the Sox Convention. I’m in school for a few more classes (have I mentioned my 4.0 at both Triton and EIU?). It will be good to just sit back in the terraces and watch a few games without hassles among friends. Sorry, no overwhelming groundswell of screams for Sox tickets again, so I didn’t order any, although we’ll see you there, sometime this season.

Yours in baseball,



Found among the uncataloged clippings!

Stevie Goodman is laughing

Its Keith Moreland!

The former Cubbie will take the mike for the late Ronnie Santo. Good choice!

Schaumburg Flyers eviction?

Flyers eviction postponed, sale expected

By Kate Thayer TribLocal reporterToday at 12:39 p.m.
  • From the Chicago Tribune; please buy the paper so they don’t sue me!
  • The Schaumburg Flyers escaped a possible eviction today due to a pending sale.

Village officials are trying to get more than $900,000 in unpaid rent from the team that plays at the village-park district owned Alexian Field. As part of that quest, the village filed a lawsuit against Flyers parent company Schaumburg Professional Baseball LLC and has moved forward in eviction proceedings.

Today in court, an eviction hearing was postponed until Feb. 24 because Flyers officials say they are close to selling the team. If the team is sold, the village and others owed money by the team are more likely to get paid, according to village and team officials.

Flyers owner Rich Ehrenreich said a sale should be finalized in about a month, and because of that village officials agreed to postpone today’s hearing.

Village attorney Jack Siegel said village officials have met with the potential buyer, and are hoping a sale goes through.

“We’re hoping he closes the deal, we get paid and everyone’s happy,” Siegel said. “We’ve talked to the potential buyer so we know there is such a person out there.”

Another sale fell through last summer, and Ehrenreich has been in talks with potential buyers since then.

If a sale is not finalized by next month’s eviction hearing, Siegel said he plans to move forward to push the team out and settle on a final payment of the team’s unpaid rent, which dates back to 2007.

He also said he would then move forward with a separate lawsuit that seeks unpaid rent, along with other debts. That lawsuit isn’t scheduled for a hearing until May.

But village officials have repeatedly said they would prefer a sale over court proceedings because it would be more beneficial for the community to keep the Flyers at Alexian Field – where they’ve played since 1999.


Bill Buckner

The Dixieland Band

Gary the organist cheers up the long, long lines

The fans

Thanks and a top o’ the Hatlo hat to Pete Blatchford.